Judith Kindler is an American multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, and photography-based mixed media wall works.  She is noted for her use of diverse and complex medias in the expression of a conceptual or narrative idea. 


The UNDAUNTED project Fund Raising Campaign has moved from Kickstarter to inhouse where we have set up a Paypal account which is a great method for the easy transfer of funds via any credit card or a paypal account. 

Your support helped UNDAUNTED quickly climb to the top of the Kickstarter's "most popular" mixed media and art catagories, where the average funds raised for art projects is only around $2,000.  We  raised over $17,000 in pledges for our project on Kickstarter.  But, what I learned is that I am among a handful of artists to push the limitations of the Kickstarter platform. Technology projects dominate the website when it comes to gaining visibility from their built in followers and thus funding on a viral level. Raising $125,000 for UNDAUNTED was not realistic within the limited time constraints and "all-or-nothing" approach of Kickstarter's platform.

So we have moved our project to a better funding format to facilitate direct contributions rather than pledges. By doing this we will not be limited by the arbitrary parameters of Kickstarter and will thus have adequate time to complete the funding concurrent with working on the project.

Which is the big news it is happening!!!  We have begun work on the installations and are scheduling photoshoots of our supporters.

Notes to Self

Notes to Self  installation view 1 at Gail Severn Gallery, January 2013.


Notes to Self  installation view 2 at Gail Severn Gallery, January 2013.


Notes to Self  installation view 3 at Gail Severn Gallery, January 2013.


Notes to Self  installation view 4 at Gail Severn Gallery, January 2013.


Notes to Self  installation view 5 at Gail Severn Gallery, January 2013.

Catalog of all works from Notes to Self that are part of the exhibition at Gail Severn Gallery, Sun Valley ID and Forre & Co, Aspen CO. Please click Notes to Self Catalog .

Undaunted project continues!

The Undaunted project has raised over $70,000 to date  from individual contributions and special sales events. With this, we have already purchased some of the material and have created a few prototype constructs. (one which received a lot of attention and enthusiasm being shown at Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley Idaho this month, see below). It also has allowed us to pay 2/3rds towards the documentary film wrapped around this entire project. The funds have also allowed for us to create and finish all the rewards which have begun shipping this month.

Happy New Year.


Undaunted #1


Undaunted #1 self standing (middle of room) at Gail Severn Gallery, Sun Valley Idaho.

YooDoo VooDoo

At our Halloween Party at the studio, our annual big bash, we hand made these incredible VooDoo dolls and displayed them in the entrance of the studio where guests could stick pins in their favorite ones.  They were very popular and I have had numerous people ask me if I would like to sell them.  So  I put together a catalog of them.  They are $150 each and pictured in the PDF catalog.YOODOOVOODOO

The First Works for Undaunted are Done

Click Here to see images of the new work inspired by audience participation.  Contributors to Undaunted wrote down what is really important to them and themes of protecting the animals, being in nature, protecting and helping children abused or in need came up along with the love of entertaining and being valued for great culinary accomplishments.  It is wonderful to read the collective thoughts of my friends and contributors and create works that reflect their thoughts albeit reinterpreted by the artist.  Keep them coming guys.  Of special interest was the amount of people who were tired of the talking heads, which will become the subject of the large installations.


We moved the UNDAUNTED FUNDING CAMPAIGN to my website JudithKindler.com

We have raised close to $65,000 towards our goal.  We've been working hard and will be posting images of the first works to emerge.  We were unable to raise the full amount of $125,000 on Kickstarter a crowd funding platform where you have to raise all the money or none will be accepted.  So if you pledged on Kickstarter, your pledge is voided.  You must contribute directly to us through our new in-house campaign.

$3,300 in three days!!

So, I am so thrilled to announce that our start up of this project has been embraced by great backers and friends and that we have raised more in three days than most kickstarter projects raise in total. $3,300 in three days. Thank you so much my friends. We have a long way to go to reach our goal, but I am so thrilled with this strong start. Your support means so much to me. I will keep you posted on our ongoing progress. Meanwhile tell your friends about the project. If you know anyone who is interested in acquiring one of my works, let them know. This is a great way to do it as the value of the art rewards is so much more than the backing level. The best opportunity is at the $10,000 level where you can commission a portrait of yourself or someone you love. This usually would cost over $22,000. All my best?  Judith


Unraveling exhibitionMelissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert. 2012

Unraveling exhibition Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert. 2012

Unraveling exhibition Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert. 2012

Unraveling Hidden Thoughts

Obscured Story IIIMixed Media on Canvas 70" X 60" 2011

The Box and the Bird Mixed Media on Panel 48" X 36" 2012

 The Gift Mixed Media on Canvas 130" X 35" 2011

Projection Mixed Media on Canvas 79" X 50" 2011

Tossing Thoughts Around I Triptych

Mixed Media on 3 Panels approx 24" X 24 " 2012

Jump Mixed Media on Canvas 60" X 35" 2011

Messy Crowned Girl Mixed Media on Canvas 70" X 36" 2011

These Hands Mixed Media on Canvas 70" X 36" 2011


Hiding Behind a Mask Mixed Media on Canvas 70" X 36" 2011

Watching Her Mixed Media on Canvas 72" X 60" 2011


View of selected work in the artist's studio, prior to exhibition at Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, 2011.

 View of work from Seen/Unseen in the studio before the exhibition at Gebert Contemporary, Los Angeles CA, 2011.


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