Judith Kindler is an American multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, and photography-based mixed media wall works.  She is noted for her use of diverse and complex medias in the expression of a conceptual or narrative idea. 


Kindler's presented the body of work titled "Desire" in 2016.  Is there a connection to the various things we desire? She presents this question in these works focusing on objects of desire as well as the idea of desirability in her large scale mixed media wall works.

What makes someone desirable is explored through implications of sexuality, beauty, strength, power and vulnerability.  What drives our response to "objects of desire" take on much different measures of value, excellence, usability, quality, uniqueness or creativity.  Playing with these ideas, Kindler brings together a body of work that is both powerful and intriguing.

Following is a schedule of upcoming exhibitions of this work.

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Judith Kindler talks about the large scale works:

"As a teenager and young adult, I was a model, working the runways of high fashion and facing the cameras for major brand label fashion.  The ideals of beauty and desirability played a quiet role in my life.  But what was interesting is that as a young woman, the sense of vulnerability and insecurity around this attention was profoundly real to me and relevant to that period of time when women were notoriously objectified.

"In this work, I play with the distinct psychological differences of today's young women as compared to my young adult life.  How we have gained strength as women over the last 40 years is at the heart of the works.  The idea of desirability is uniquely linked not only to beauty, and grace, but to confidence, a sense of ones own power and to an openess to life. The women presented in these works become iconic figures or even heroes as they are juxtaposed with abstract implications of life's tensions and hurdles."

Kindler also looks at the idea of objects of desire.  Why are we attracted to collecting objects?  As an avid collector of objects from an extensive art collection, to a collection of antique Santos', to numerous other collections of things that inspire her as well as enrich her life, Kindler has been devoted to the hunt for the interesting throughout her life.

Provoked by her own obsession, she creates objects in this body of work that connect purposefully back to her major works.  This was an act of simple pleasure for the artist, to revel in the visceral intrigue of what draws us to an object.  Together with her major wall works the ideals of desirability are considered and to be enjoyed by the viewer as the cathartic expression of the artist who has enjoyed the creation of both the objects and the art.

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