Judith Kindler is an American multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, and photography-based mixed media wall works.  She is noted for her use of diverse and complex medias in the expression of a conceptual or narrative idea. 

$3,300 in three days!!

So, I am so thrilled to announce that our start up of this project has been embraced by great backers and friends and that we have raised more in three days than most kickstarter projects raise in total. $3,300 in three days. Thank you so much my friends. We have a long way to go to reach our goal, but I am so thrilled with this strong start. Your support means so much to me. I will keep you posted on our ongoing progress. Meanwhile tell your friends about the project. If you know anyone who is interested in acquiring one of my works, let them know. This is a great way to do it as the value of the art rewards is so much more than the backing level. The best opportunity is at the $10,000 level where you can commission a portrait of yourself or someone you love. This usually would cost over $22,000. All my best?  Judith

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