Judith Kindler is an American multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, and photography-based mixed media wall works.  She is noted for her use of diverse and complex medias in the expression of a conceptual or narrative idea. 

Defining Truth

Judith Kindler working on Defining Truth

"Form Series " Mixed Media including Encaustics/Oil on Panel 4' X 2' each 2003

"Loss of Confidence" Mixed Media including Encaustics/Oil on Panel 4' X 5' 2003

"Maybe Once More " Mixed Media including Encaustic/Oils on Panel  4' X 2' 2003

Judith Kindler at HALL/SPASSOV

Judith Kindler, originally published by HALL/SPASSOV on their blog.

It is a rare occurrence that we will purchase a piece of artwork for display in the gallery.  Most works are consigned by the artist.  However, of late we have purchased more and more works.  Of those works is an exquisite piece titledRandom Acts and Laws.  It was completed by much lauded artist Judith Kindler and sold originally in 2001.
We had brushes of fate with this piece as it had come across our desk twice before in 2010.  Finally, at an auction in 2011 looking to acquire another work by a different artist we had yet another brush of fate.  This time was different than the previous encounters. Something about the piece spoke with more clarity on this occasion and the beauty and importance of this work was at once very clear.
We purchased it.  What once was the treasure of a downsized collection was now front and center in our personal collection.  It is in the gallery every day and every day we marvel at its mystery.  It is a wonderfully executed piece by a loved Northwest painter.  The first of what would be a long line of encaustic works by which Judith Kindler would become famed for, it is a work of historic importance.
We encourage all who read this to come in and witness this tremendous work in person.  The gallery is open from 9:30AM to 8:00PM daily and located at 800 Bellevue Way NE Suite 150 in Bellevue.

Dino, Radiohead & 'Gathering Together'

A Day at the Studio: Dino listens to Radiohead while burning wax onto a sculpture for "Gathering Together." A total of 350 figures on chairs were modeled by Judith out of clay.  Silicon molds were then created of the clay figures and the finished figures were cast in resin blended with calcium carbonate.  These then are sprayed with various coatings prior to their final dip in encaustic.  Finally Dino burns in the encaustic setting it on the figures.  The figures can be seen here and under the category of INSTALLATIONS, Gathering Together. 

All copyrights are reserved by Judith Kindler